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Welcome to emsOriginal illustration.

emsOriginal illustration specialises in hand-drawn illustration for cards, gifts, weddings and other events.


Everything is made bespoke to order, beginning with a pencil and a piece of paper completed with pen and paintbrush! (No robots or computers involved!)


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Latest Commissions

Creating something just for you!

emsOriginal creates personalised art, gifts, cards and much more!

This is just a little sample of one of the personalised pieces you could have created just for you!



Bring a photo of your home and have it transformed into something you will keep forever!


A great gift for family, friends or yourself is the House Portrait combined with your babies/child (s) handprints.


The complete picture as seen, framed including handprint session is £85.00


If you would like to complete the handprints yourself, or give as a surprise gift the space can be left with a little note as an instruction for where the handprints go! This is priced at £69.50.


Other sizes and styles available.




Its not just a house its a home...

A very popular commision at emsOriginal is the personalised Home illustrations. When creating the illustration I always try to take as many details as possible of the family who dwell within the house as it adds the life to the picture, and also a little bit of humour. A family dog, or two ducks who waddle there way past the front door every morning really create a special memory within the piece!


emsOriginal Personalised Home illustration

So how does the house commision begin.. firstly I always ask for a picture of the house, or if the illustration is a gift we can sometimes locate the house using google earth! Then I ask for all the info that makes this house somebodys home and wallah I sit with my pen and ink and create the commisioned house illustration.

Sometimes we add a bit of a twist of the house commision and we can create something completely bespoke, before today I have done house illustrations with summer and winter aspects and even drawn just the front door which really makes a lovely artwork for the home!

emsOriginal Personalised Front Door illustration

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with all your ideas and I will see what I can create for you!



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