“If you can dream… If you can think”

Rudyard Kipling, Rewards & Fairies 1910


emsOriginal is a unique design service. We create bespoke hand-drawn original illustrations created by listening to our customers, there wants, ideas, hopes, dreams and wishes.

emsOriginal is the very much loved baby of Emma Sharples. Here is a little bit about Emma and how she came to create the business!


Hi my name is Emma, but for as long as I remember, family and friends have always called me Em!

I always wanted to own my own business. Probably the first memory I have was when i was 7, at the time my Dad owned a small fruit & veg shop & my Mum ran a floristry business from there in Sale, Cheshire. During a lesson regarding careers or something like that, where it seemed half the class were going to be nurses and the other half the class were going to be fireman, I stood up in my class announced i wanted to be a shop keeper!

As school progressed i realised although I was a bit of a geek and loved all my subjects from science to music, i knew there was something really special about the art department! I think it was the independent working areas, the freedom to create, to never feel i was doing something wrong.

I loved experimenting with mark making & sculpture work and always working on new medias.

I began at Manchester metropolitan in the autumn of 2004 on my Foundation year, and in 2005 was offered a place by the university on there "Interactive Art" degree, an ideas based course - it seemed it was tailored to my need of exploring different medias!

In my second year i applied for work experience with the BBC, and i was selected to join there work experience program for a month at BBC London on Blue Peter. I had an absolute blast, I worked with the design team creating all the Makes & Bakes for the show, and i was even entrusted to revive the old 'Dalek Cake' recipe from Valerie Singleton Days! I created a whole army of mini swiss roll dalek cakes! My hard work paid off and they offered me a job as a runner! Parts of me wish I had stayed longer with Blue Peter and the BBC but I loved my art, and i wanted to return to complete my final year degree, and although some people think i must have been mad quitting a dream job i knew the best was yet to come.

In June 2008 i graduated Manchester with a 2:1 and a very successful degree show. I had worked on the old curiosity shop theme and created a market stall, with some of the products you may have seen in my gift range today! I had been offered investment after the show in taking my products further, but at 22 i felt i was young enough to try and make it on my own without losing almost half of my company just for financial gain.

So I made a plan and started of small. I created a card range, finalised my portfolio and began by visiting small independent shops and galleries to gain feedback on my work.

In 2009 i trundled along to my local gallery the Cherry Tree with portfolio in hand and luckily my designs were very well recieved. I worked full time in a office job during the beginning stages to be able to keep creating, at one stage i think i counted I had about 4 jobs!

In January 2010 I officially quit the day job and I decided to choose a path where I put pursuit of happiness first.

emsOriginal was created in January 2010 by myself Emma Sharples with the help and support of a local gallery owner Sara Hoodfar who found me a beautiful studio space to work inside her lovely shop the Cherry Tree in Knutsford. In October 2012 emsOriginal spent 3 years working with the Lavender Tree in Alderley Edge as a in-house artist, and in the Autumn of 2015 is began a new adventure in Yorkshire - watch this space for updates shortly!


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